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November 14, 2022
1.2 GB
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Stormside APK Download: This is a game about an academy that allows female students to be sexually punished and/or rewarded. You end up attending along with some of your friends. Will you protect them, or ensure they’re subjected to the full suite of sexual punishment and reward?


1. Ported to Android

Stormside APK Download

The game features a branching story that changes depending on your choices, and so it’s not possible to get all the content in one playthrough. It’s still early days, so the full extent of this isn’t really shown yet, but this is the direction it’s heading in.
14 animated scenes
13 hidden images to unlock (Find dem onions)
A buncha music and sound effects
Errrrr.. I dunno just play it if it sounds cool to you I guess.

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