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Greatest battle simulator on mobile!
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Feb 18, 2024
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Defence of Serenity MOD APK Download: Greatest battle simulator on mobile! Defend your castle in our great Castle Defence simulator game! Your castle is under attack, every day, in front of the castle’s gate, the unknown portal opens, and the enemy army marches out! Play as a captain and a commander-in-chief of an army defending your castle.

Mod Info?

You can make purchases even if you don’t have enough money.

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Defence of Serenity MOD APK Download

In our tower defence action-strategy game you can gather/collect resources during “Piece” time. You can hire and recruit soldiers, archers and knights in barracks during “Prepare to war” time, and send them to hold/defend certain positions. During “War” time you can both manage your troops/soldiers and take part in battle yourself, like a real brave commander!

Commanding Troops!
Be a fearless general of your troops. During battle you can choose any defence strategy you like, depending on enemy army’s size, type of enemies, and siege weapons they are using to breach the gate and walls. You can buy ranged and melee warriors and command them. There are also Heroes you can hire, that fight on their own!

Lots of enemies!
There’s a variety of creatures and monsters coming up from the portal. Among them: orcs, goblins, flying creatures, dragons… Among enemy siege weapons there are: Battle Rams, Siege Towers, Catapults, Ballistas, Ladders. Planned updates include new enemy Bosses, new enemy types, like Werewolves, Undead and other..

Your weapons!
But you won’t be defenceless yourself! You’ll be able to build and use your own Catapults and Ballistas! They are great use for destroying enemy’s siege weapons, as well as monsters themselves! You also will be able to use a variety if weapons and armours! You’ll also be able to upgrade them!

Yes. You will be able to use magic as well. Fireballs, buffs for your army, magical spells…

Hire and Upgrade Army!
Your army is a core defence force protecting the castle with your leadership. You can upgrade your soldiers by building certain bonus statues and buildings.

Although it’s an RPG, there are lots of strategy features combined here! One of them – you can build and upgrade buildings, statues, weapons. Some upgrades are instant, some of them take time.

Adventure! Open World!
It’s also an adventure! During “Peace” time – the world is open! Explore, find secret rooms, items, passages, secrets! Secret caves, secret dungeons, all here!

There are Dragons in our game! Be careful, they can be very dangerous…

Lots of loot, lots of items! You can find it everywhere! You can collect beans, gold, gems, weapons, armours, helmets, Miracle Stones for upgrading items. You can also collect Collectable Cards, which are nice and tell details about our world!

For those who like storytelling, reading interesting stories, our game has a simple yet fascinating storyline! You find out the Lore of our game by talking to characters, finding Books that tell the Grand Story of our universe, reading daily news(Yes, our castle has a Daily Newspaper!), and reading description on Collectable Cards and other intractable object. You can also talk to a Wise Talking Tree.

Be a hero and protect your homeland!

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