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Mar 17, 2024
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Attack on Time MOD APK Download: is an idle RPG set in a world entirely populated and ruled by beautiful girls – until you arrived. Originally developed by a Japanese studio, the game features cute young girls dressed in a variety of attractive outfits, from office attire, to school uniforms, to beachwear… These lively girls will penetrate your imagination and leave you wanting more!

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Attack on Time MOD APK Download

【Love Makes You Stronger!】
Not only will these beauties follow you into battle, but you can also give them gifts, go on dates, and even have personal, intimate interactions with them. Experience the ambiguous sweetness that is more than friends but not quite lovers. With so many potential “friends”, you’ll have to take great care to keep them from fighting over you!

【Featuring A-List Japanese CV Stars!】
Bringing these ladies to life is a roster of top Japanese voice actors, including Inori Minase, Yuki Aoi, Akari Kitou, and many more! Their talent elevates these beauties from digital art to living, breathing characters with unique stories, personalities. and desires.

【Idle Game – Play and Chill!】
Tired of going on endless dates with all these beauties? Hard to believe, but if it happens, there is no shortage of lore to explore and battles to fight. You’d think with all these options you’d have to play for hours, but just 30 minutes a day is enough to get the rich resources and rare items you’ll need to smash through stages like a boss!

【Sweet, or Spicy? Have It All!】
There’s nothing like first love, except that older woman that has a thing or two to teach you. Also, there’s that one wild girl who’s probably stronger than you, or the sweet and passionate school crush…the list goes on and on. Love comes in so many forms, and with more than 100 beautiful girls to fall in love with, there truly is someone for everyone!

【For Players with Similar Interests】
Players assemble in Attack on Time! Thanks to the powerful chat functions in-game, share your likes and interests, and release the TRUE you. Don’t forget to explore and enjoy every wonderful moment of the game with your friends.
“※ This game’s content involves some animated violence (character combat and injuries, but no blood) and some sexual themes (game characters wear revealing clothing, highlighting their best assets), and is classified as restricted in Taiwan. Only individuals over the age of 18 are allowed to purchase or use it.
※ This game is free to play, but there are options within the game to purchase virtual game currency and items for real money. Please spend moderately according to personal interest and ability.
※ Please be mindful of your gaming time to avoid addiction. Long periods of gaming can affect your daily routine. It is advisable to take regular breaks and exercise.
※ This game is represented by Ariel Networks Co., Ltd.

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