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December 25, 2022
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Rewind MOD APK Download: Skill books are now accessed from your bedroom desk. This change was made to correct a random crash error when the game attempted to load books from the inventory. Lani’s massage scenes are now triggered by sparring/working out in addition to random events.

Mod Info?

1. Ported to Android

Rewind MOD APK Download

– Undiscovered flags are now marked with ‘???’ instead of the flag descriptions and images.
– Lowered the requirements for the ‘Magic Adept’ title.
– ‘Killed by Monsters’ and ‘Killed by Poison’ added to death counters.

– Exploration mode has been added to the game (this includes 3 titles, various items, and one scene).
– Cooking has been added to the game (recipes, items, titles).
– 40 additional story and sneak scenes for Marla/Lani have been added.
– Lani/Marla affection scenes have been added (continuation of previous Lani camping content, accessible from new ‘lani/marla’ icon on map).
– Three animations(!) for Lani’s new affection scenes.
– 7 additional prayers are available for each God (bringing total to 10 per statue).
– ‘Devout’ title is now available (unlocked by praying).
– ‘Merchant’ title is now available (unlocked by spending money).
– Tent can now be upgraded to level 2 (visual/performance changes, but no new scenes at this time).
– Less intense Lani massage scenes have been added.
– Additional conversations have been added with parents regarding titles (morning of day 5). – Soul Box levels 5 and 6 have been added.
– Death conversations with the Goddess of Time have been expanded (no new visuals in this update).

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