Protect & Defense Sci-Fi Cyber MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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March 4, 2023
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Protect & Defense Sci-Fi Cyber MOD APK Download: Prepare for defense. Show how you command towers. You are on guard of the zone!Near future. Alien Sci-Fi enemies have breached our defenses. The war began. The earth is practically defenseless. All hope is for a hero who will lead the resistance.

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Mod Info?

An endless donation currency, for which you can buy improvements in the laboratory, additional money and lives during the game.

Install Steps:

Protect & Defense Sci-Fi Cyber MOD APK Download

Thousands of enemy robots, tanks, planes, ships carry deadly weapons. You will need to fight back these professional warriors. Fighting such an enemy is not a toy. They can burst you like a balloon. Defend the planet like a medieval knight defending a royal castle.

Protect & Defense: Sci-Fi Cyberpunk is a tower defense that is suitable for both experienced players and beginners.
Commander, a fun gameplay awaits you. All towers and abilities are perfectly balanced. To win, you need to build new defensive structures or improve them. The support of artillery, aviation and other auxiliary bonuses will always come to your aid. All weapons have different abilities – some can damage multiple targets at the same time, others shoot slowly but deadly.
Taking command, you will need to defend against many different enemies using a variety of tactical tricks. In the game, you can set up the towers for defence as you like.

Features of the game:

– Tower defence strategy td
– Interesting gameplay
– Many towers with different abilities
– Bright and beautiful graphics
– Beautiful levels
– 3D

We hope you enjoy our game!

This testing is very important for the future of this game. Send us a description of bugs or shortcomings by e-mail. We welcome any feedback from you. For help in development, we will be happy to provide bonuses in the game

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