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Peasant Empire is a peasant survival simulator in a pre-revolutionary Russian village.
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August 15, 2022
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Peasant life simulator MOD APK Download: Peasant Empire is a peasant survival simulator in a pre-revolutionary Russian village.
Different genres are intertwined in the game: RPG, Strategy, Simulator. Set survival records and compete with other players. How many seasons can you last?

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Spending money increases.

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Peasant life simulator MOD APK Download

– The character

The character of the game is a peasant who has to survive in the Middle Ages. There is no script in this rpg – you can live your life in different ways. You can choose different roles that will differ in starting conditions, additional features and sometimes gameplay, there is a choice: a vagabond (homeless person), a serf, a free peasant, a wealthy peasant, a nobleman.

– Game process

Live a short life for your hero in a Russian village. The player has a set of needs that need to be constantly replenished. This is a full-fledged simulator of human life, where your actions develop the character, and if you treat them negligently, then health decreases and diseases develop.

The seasons change rapidly in the game, which significantly affect the player’s capabilities. It is cold outside in winter, you need to constantly heat the stove or keep warm in public places. The harvest ripens in the summer, so in the spring you need to have time to plow the field, and in the fall to harvest. Almost like a farm simulator, only the main character is not a farmer, but the scene of a medieval village.

There is no script in this rpg – you can live your life in different ways:

– Farm

Develop your farm like a farmer: build a barn and get animals – a hen can lay an egg, a cow can give milk.

Use them for survival, and sell the surplus at fairs. The fair is held once a week on Sunday in any locality where there is a church. Also on it you can sell and buy livestock, transport (various carts, sledges, which you can harness with horses and move around the open world faster).

To build new buildings in the game there is a construction simulator. Build a stable and start a horse – it will be a faithful helper in the processing of fields, you can also easily travel and transport goods on it. You can also buy different goods – you do not need a store for this, but you need a fair or a shop in your or a neighboring village.

To get firewood and logs, work in the forest.

– Business

Don’t like the role of a farmer and more like to trade? In this game you can be a nobleman with their own manor and start a business – you can have your own shop or mill. In the “nobleman” game mode, the player can hire peasants for free, as well as buy / sell villages that belong to him, build public buildings in them – so the game turns into a kind of economic strategy.

– Adventures

And if you like travels and adventures more – be a traveler, hit the road, because this Russian village simulator has an open world that is randomly generated with each new game.

Settlements (villages) are of several different types, depending on the size and available buildings. There are lonely farmsteads, large inhabited villages, proprietor villages with a nobleman and serfs.

The player can go into any buildings in the villages. You can satisfy your hunger in a tavern or in a store (shop). At the mill, you can sell grain or grind flour. Also in the game are administrative buildings, where you can buy / sell real estate and take out a loan secured by it. And there are many more different buildings, without which it is impossible to imagine an ordinary village – hospitals, churches, etc.

If it is too easy to you, you can play this role game like a beggar – can you survive a winter without money and home?

The game is not just a farm, it is a real simulator of Russia of pre-revolutionary times. The game is played in the first person – you can find out how the human who survived those years felt.

If you like adventure games, survival games, you will love this life simulator. This role-playing game is one of the russian indie games. As a lot of role-playing games this game has open world. Find out all its secrets!


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