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Do you enjoy matching games? Where you do sorting and finding pairs to clear the board and win the level?
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Nov 5, 2023
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Match Tile 3D MOD APK Download: Do you enjoy matching games? Where you do sorting and finding pairs to clear the board and win the level? Lion Studios is happy to announce our new triple pair matching 3D Tile Puzzle Game. We are excited to give you Match Tile 3D.

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Mod Info?

1. Boosters Increased

Match Tile 3D MOD APK Download

Match Tile 3D is an easy to learn and fun to play brain puzzle game.
This Game is perfect for relaxing & calming, but can also test your mind and memory skills. Test your mind and memory, start searching, find hidden objects and clear the board!

How To Play Match Tile 3D:

Tap on three tiles that look the same and connect them into triples.
Keep collecting triple tiles until you clear all tiles from the screen.
Enjoy relaxing brain puzzles, start new levels and become a 3D puzzle master.
The Game has many different triple sets of 3D objects that are designed to be easy to memorize, but still can challenge your mind. Start sorting, find hidden objects, clear the board and become a master of triple pair tile matching!

We have a lot of fabulous levels, including;

monkey_face: Cute animals
strawberry: Sweet yummy food
teddy_bear: Cool toys
innocent: Exciting emojis
question: Surprising new shiny objects every week, all free.


umbrella_on_ground: Relaxing game design & unique 3D objects to connect
Match Tile 3D is a game designed with your well-being in mind.
With many fun & cute relaxing 3D objects, each level is more interesting than the one before. In each level, the difficulty of triples and the number of tiles also slightly increases to keep your brain challenged.
brain: Well-designed brain trainer levels that help you to challenge yourself
Match Tile 3D will make it easier for you to memorize objects & details by playing our brain trainer levels. You will start to notice your memorizing abilities becoming better with time and that you master to solve searching puzzles very fast.

Ready to play?

Start with the play button and complete the first tutorial level, which takes 10 seconds to teach you how to connect tiles into triples.
Try then to connect all sets of tiles to pass the first puzzle.
After completing the level, challenge yourself against the time and improve your matching skills. Over time you will master memorizing 3D tiles and objects while having lots of fun.

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