Love Pheromone MOD APK: otome game (Free Premium Choices)

"You either have it all or you lose it all! It’s only one of the two in this world.”💋
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Nov 3, 2023
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Love Pheromone MOD APK Download: “You either have it all or you lose it all! It’s only one of the two in this world.” “You” have a very special love pheromone where the scent decides your class. Your love pheromone can evoke human instinctual impulses! Is this power a blessing or a curse?

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Mod Info?

1. Free Premium Choices
Premium choices and free choices will look the same so just make a choice the interests

Love Pheromone MOD APK Download

A daughter of an unnamed poor nobleman, and the absolute Queen of the kingdom.
Death is the only given option for the one who has the same scent as the queen.
…And that’s why you’re going to die.
What? You want to survive?
Let me tell you one thing.
The queen doesn’t have to be “HER”.
Now…what should “YOU” do now?
The beginning of dangerous love! Love Pheromone! 👑

In a society where your scent decides your class,
your love pheromone happens to be threatening the absolute queen of the nation!
A complicated drama with 4 men in love!
Will these relationships with attractive guys with different charms turn out to be a romance or a thriller?
The ending changes depending on your choice.
Whether to gain love or power, or lose all of this is up to you.

Key Points

✨Dangerous yet sweet interactive episodese for mature users
✨Strong character narrative and intense plot engagement!
The ending depends on every choice of yours!
✨Attractive and high-quality illustration that encourages your feelings!
✨Love pheromone romance fantasy set in a beautiful kingdom background!

What is your choice in a thrilling situation with 4 men possessed by your sweet love pheromone?
Everything has already begun! Find your 🖤@ Love Pheromone!


Version Size Requirements Date
1.1.5 89.2 MB 6.0 09/12/2022
1.1.2 89.2 MB 6.0 19/10/2022
1.1.0 89.2 MB 6.0 10/10/2022
1.0.5 89.2 MB 6.0 26/06/2022
1.0.4 89.2 MB 6.0 10/06/2022

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