Kongardion MOD APK: RPG Hack Slash Action (God Mode)

Try the new action adventure hack n slash role-play game!
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May 1, 2022
5.1 and up
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Kongardion MOD APK Download: Try the new action adventure hack n slash role-play game! Kongardion is a story about good and evil, the courage of the marvellous Guild, safeguarding the peace and tranquility of Algim, that generously brushed with the tastiest sauce of the greatest action adventure hack n slash RPG traditions.

Mod Info?

1. God Mode

Kongardion MOD APK Download

Will you be able to overcome a great adventure full of secrets and mysteries, dangerous enemies and deadly traps?

โ˜  On your way you will meet dense forests, gloomy caves, abandoned dungeons, snow-covered fields. At the end of each act, a special boss with special game mechanics awaits you. During your adventure, you will come across a variety of puzzles, quests, dangerous enemies and deadly traps.

๐Ÿ”ฅ You can go through an adventure RPG both in one person and by joining clans created by other players for communicate, defeat clan bosses and receive clan bonuses.

โš Do you love craft and everything related to it? An advanced crafting system will certainly not let you get bored.

โœฏ Don’t like crafting? Then use of the player market and buy ready-made items from others.

โ˜… You get the most important mission of your life, more than one thousand creature’s fate depends on this.
โ˜… You are given a personal weapon (a sharp sword for the Warrior, a strong bow for an Archer, a machine gun for the Magician).
โ˜… Well, or the staff.
โ˜… Knowledge and recipes for creating your individual equipment and materials (advanced craft system).
โ˜… A player market where everyone can sell in-game items.
โ˜… Teleport-Stone, that allows you to return to the selected transit point or to the current point of your travel (very simple to use, even for a Warrior).
โ˜… Access to secret skills that enhance your specialization (pumping skills and abilities);
โ˜… Priceless and ingenious experience: if you see the slab on the floor, put the stone on it.
โ˜… The magnificent musical accompaniment at every level.
โ˜… And anything else…

โœ” Download this adventure hack n slash action RPG and you will not regret it, but be prepared, the most unexpected creatures and locations will meet on your way.

Good luck, future Heroes!


Version Size Requirements Date 308M 5.1 and up 27/06/2022 308M 5.1 and up 22/04/2022