Idle Grail Quest MOD APK (Unlimited Gold/Free Upgrade Hero)

This is not your usual idle Fantasy RPG game. This is... What's the name again? *Reads his script*. Oh, yes. *Idle Grail Quest*. Do people really read these descriptions? I know you paid me to write this but honestly... Okay, here we go.
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Studio Zero Games
April 10, 2022
6.0 and up
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Idle Grail Quest MOD APK Download: This is not your usual idle Fantasy RPG game. This is… What’s the name again? *Reads his script*. Oh, yes. *Idle Grail Quest*. Do people really read these descriptions? I know you paid me to write this but honestly… Okay, here we go.

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Mod Info?

1. Infinite Gold (claim from the daily free award)
2. Free Upgrade Hero

Idle Grail Quest MOD APK Download

*Idle Grail Quest* offers you to follow the adventures of the Knighthood of the Holy Grail (we’re recruiting*). Assemble a team of heroes, from knights to wizards, improve their skills and power and go on epic quests! Come for the fights, stay for the stories and bad puns!

In *Idle Grail Quest* you can:

-Progress without even thinking of it. Earn rewards and bonus even when you’re not playing! It’s an idle game after all! No need to be a master of strategies or frenetic tapping to do great.

-Follow the story of the knighthood in a Fantasy universe as they try to go back to Camelot. Meet heroes like Gawain or Merlin and fight enemies to learn the secrets of this new world. Coming back from another universe? Really? Like finding the Holy Grail wasn’t hard enough? Come on gamedevs!

-Explore the fantasy world of *Hyperborea* through many game modes! Enter the Tower of Champions, fight in the Multiplayer Arena, compete in the Guilds War, and complete quests to earn rewards and glory**

-Enter epic dungeons and explore them. And I mean, really explore them. No, it’s not about choosing between level A42 and A43. You’ll have to find your way through dark rooms, avoid traps, fight monsters, answer riddles, and probably find an enormous treasure at the end. We have definitely not lost our dungeonnin’ feeling! ***

-Fight other people in the online PvP Arena**** or the weekly Contest of Heroes. Earn rewards when you do good, and become the Master Knight. Whatever that means.

-Join the weekly online Guilds War, and decide who will win between the cunning merchants, the strong warriors or the fearless wizards!

-Collect dozens of heroes from the 5 tribes of the game. Knights, demons, undead wizards and elves are all part of Hyperborea, and through your journey you’ll have plenty of opportunities to make them your ally or enemy. Level up your heroes, upgrade them, or ascend them to unlock even more powerful warriors! Each hero is unique and offers infinite possibilities!

Feel free to send any feedback to the developer by “email” or on Discord at

Is it finished? Really? Nice. I can finally go back home. Wait, I forgot, I’m stuck on Hyperborea. What a life my friend. Hey reader! Maybe you can download the game and help me go back home?

Yours Truly,
The Unknown Knight

* Recruitement sessions every Friday from 5PM to 7PM at the tavern of the old duck in Camelot.

** A friendly reminder that glory is immaterial, not an actual in-game currency

*** I swear there’s no piggy bank (_What’s that?_) in this game. Rewards earned in dungeon are kept. If you die mid-way, you keep what you earned before. No trick with endowment effect.

**** Not actual fight between people. Just algorithms running simulated fights between your heroes metadata. Wait, what’s an algorithm?


Version Size Requirements Date
1.22 102M 6.0 and up 12/06/2022