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June 20, 2022
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Her Hearts Desire APK Download: A struggling writer, you just managed to sell a book for enough money to afford a house. Life in the suburbs promised to be everything you dreamed of in the city: more space, more quiet, and maybe without roommates, it was time to kick start your love life. At forty-three, you weren’t getting any younger.


1. Ported to Android

Her Hearts Desire APK Download

Everything changed when a young college student responded to your advertisement to sublet one of the open bedrooms. She was blonde, eighteen, and as you quickly discovered, had a secret desire. As her landlord, you have time, and feel obligated to help her pursue her fantasies, however depraved they might be. After all, when you thought about kick starting your love life again, you never imagined it could be so…fulfilling.

What’s not going to be included
NTR, cheating, futa, or anything that’s prohibited by Patreon’s terms of service. If you’ve played games where the main character develops relationships with every woman he meets, and does all sorts of things – well, that’s the vision for Her Heart’s Desire.

Reasons to support Big Chungus Productions
I’m a solo developer – making images, animation, sound editing, post production, writing, grammar checking, optimization, whew! It’s a lot but I love doing this. After helping friends make various games over the years, I wanted to put together my own studio and develop the kind of games I would enjoy as a player. I think you’ll love them just as much as I do.

Stories where everything comes to life with text that leaps off the page, grabs you by the shirt, and leaves you with memories of fantasstical, satisfying encounters.

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