IdleMod Download Free and Premium Mods Game and Apps Thu, 23 May 2024 20:05:17 +0000 en-US hourly 1 IdleMod 32 32 185612156 Zombie Night Terror MOD APK (All Levels Unlocked) Thu, 23 May 2024 20:05:11 +0000 Read more]]> Infest & run the right guy and plague the world with zombies. Zombie Night Terror is a strategy action game app where you are the brains and zombies your brawlers.

Yes, you are the one creating a zombie apocalypse!

Mod Info?

All Levels Unlocked

Zombie Night Terror MOD APK All Levels Unlocked

A highly innovative gameplay with a new take on strategy gaming threaded with stunning pixel art, brilliant gameplay and a touch of indie craziness.

We brought the PC version and made it mobile! Featuring…

Command a Zombie Horde:

Your zombie horde will obey your every command without any strike risk or complaints … On the downside; you can’t have any heated conversations about late night movies or cool books anymore tough!


Do you need a bigger horde? Well, just convert Humans to your cause then! You don’t necessary need to bring flowers and be charming, as a single bite right into the neck (or anywhere that pleases you) should be enough to do the trick!

Unique Mutation System:

Take advantage of our mutation system to overcome the enemy’s defences, by creating powerful new zombie types.

Combo System:

We spiced it up allowing you to combine those and see what your enemies are made of (literally). Let’s show those pesky humans how to have fun!

Destructible Environments:

In times of a zombie apocalypse, humans love to take their time playing hide and seek. However when the hunger for tasty flesh is this painful, you don’t have time for such childishness. So use the power or your horde to destroy their playground and spread terror among them.

Perfectly adapted for mobile
One time purchase
No in-apps, no Ads

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Amikin Survival MOD APK (No Ads) Download Thu, 23 May 2024 19:41:33 +0000 Read more]]> Dive into a world of discovery and magic in ‘Amikin Survival,’ a blend of strategy, survival, and RPG adventures. Hunt, craft, and battle alongside cute monsters in your quest to become a champion. Build and evolve in an open-world game filled with stories, quests, and memes. Start your survivor’s journey today!

Mod Info?

  • You can get free stuff without watching ads;
  • Free crafting at the workbench (crafting is possible even if you don’t have enough materials);
  • Infinite durability of items;
  • You can share single items.

Amikin Survival MOD APK Download

Adventure into the wilderness on a hunt for Amikins, mystical creatures with unmatched powers and endearing personalities. These faithful companions are essential to your survival and success, offering a blend of fun, strategy, and unexpected friendships that add color to your quest. Assemble your unique team and prepare for a journey filled with adventure games excitement and anime charm.

Home Base Haven: Automate with Magic!

Transform your base from a mere shelter into a magical command center where your Amikins take charge. Their unique abilities simplify building and automating tasks, infusing daily life with a touch of magic and the ingenuity of building games. Witness your base evolve into a lively hub, all thanks to the innovative spirit of your Amikin allies.

Power-Up Parade: Merge & Breed!

Tap into the evolution and growth of your Amikins by merging similar kinds to bolster their abilities, and breeding them to inherit top-tier traits. This strategic enhancement ensures your squad is battle-ready, elevating every Amikin to champion status. Engage in this rewarding process, drawing inspiration from the best RPG games.

Epic Explorations: Fantasy Meets Sci-Fi!

Set off on a grand exploration across ‘Amikin Survival’s expansive world, where secrets await and a unique blend of fantasy and sci-fi thrives. Arriving from another realm, you introduce a mix of technology and magic into this land, creating gameplay rich with discovery akin to the most immersive open-world games and adventure games.

Meme Magic: Laughter Guaranteed!

‘Amikin Survival’ blends the cuteness and whimsy of anime with the strategic depth of RPG games, all while packing a punch of humor with its meme magic. Revel in light-hearted adventures and chuckles over nods to popular culture, making your journey one filled with laughter and joy.

Are You Ready for an Unforgettable Adventure?

‘Amikin Survival’ calls to you, marrying the excitement of anime games, the depth of strategy games, and the charm of building games in a magical setting. Build your base, expand your Amikin team, and explore a realm brimming with daily discoveries. Download now and commence your legendary journey filled with magic, challenges, and the warmth of companionship. Your saga in the world of ‘Amikin Survival’ starts today!

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Earn to Die Rogue MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download Thu, 23 May 2024 18:55:52 +0000 Read more]]> Drive cars through the zombie apocalypse and loot infested buildings in this action-packed roguelite Earn to Die spinoff! The zombie apocalypse is more dangerous than ever. New zombie and enemy threats have emerged and will do anything to hunt you down. Loot for supplies, find and upgrade cars, and do whatever it takes to survive.

Mod Info?

No money is wasted.

Earn to Die Rogue MOD APK Download

Run and blast your way through zombie-infested buildings, earning power-ups and unlocking cars along the way. Collect loot to further upgrade and strengthen your hero!


Uncover abandoned cars and upgrade them into zombie-smashing machines. New cars, trucks, a sports car and even a hovercraft await. Don’t forget to equip spiked-frames and roof-mounted guns. Those zombies won’t know what’s hit them!


Clear each building to unlock all new post-apocalyptic locations, including an arid desert, an overgrown city, and a snow-covered military bunker. Uncover new types of zombies, bosses, and other enemies to blast your way through.


Enjoy crazy ragdoll physics as you send those undead creatures flying through the air. Time to armor-up and defeat those zombie hordes!


The zombies are after you and there’s no time to waste! What are you waiting for? Download now and blast your way to safety.

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Anime Dating Sim MOD APK (Free Shopping) Download Tue, 07 May 2024 22:02:43 +0000 Read more]]> Dive into a visual novel that promises a narrative rich in romance and woven with a complex array of choices. This game takes the visual novel genre to new heights, blending immersive romance, captivating episodes across varied settings, and the power of choice to determine your destiny. As a romance adventure, it skillfully merges elements of dating simulators, otome games, and anime-inspired love stories, inviting you to navigate a realm filled with magic, mythical creatures, and demons.

Mod Info?

1. Free In-App Purchase

Anime Dating Sim MOD APK Download

Embrace Romance and Adventure

In this romance adventure game, each episode opens up new worlds—from the mystical charm of enchanted islands to the mysterious depths of otherworldly dimensions. As a skilled warrior transported to a parallel universe, you’ll face both challenges and opportunities for unexpected bonds. Romance is intertwined with adventure, giving you the chance to build deep connections with characters like a courageous princess-warrior, a cunning elf mage, and a playful thief-cat girl. Your journey is marked by moments of passion, the excitement of a stolen kiss, and the chance for love to emerge in the most unexpected places.

A Game of Choices

Your decisions drive the heart of this visual novel, guiding the narrative through tumultuous battles, tender romances, and crucial alliances. Thriving on the choices you make, the game combines the thrill of interactive stories with the strategic depth of role-playing games. Whether you choose to explore a forbidden romance, confront demonic forces, or uncover the mysteries of this strange world, each decision you make shapes the evolving storyline, offering a rich, story-driven gameplay experience that blends otome elements with anime aesthetics.

Uniquely Stories

More than just an anime game, this journey is molded by your preferences and actions. Personalize your protagonist, chart your path of romance, and immerse yourself in a love story that you help create. Whether drawn to the drama of otome stories, the closeness of relationship games, or the allure of isekai adventures, this visual novel caters to a broad spectrum of interests, providing an unmatched experience.

Romantic Stories

With its diverse blend of genres and a compelling storyline, this game is essential for fans of visual novels, dating sims, and interactive stories. Step into a world where your narrative awaits, ready to be discovered and shaped by you. Engage in the battle, delve into romance, and decide how your unique adventure unfolds in this unparalleled visual novel experience.

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Xerces Mlbb APK Latest Version (v1.8.21) Download For Android Mon, 06 May 2024 22:08:28 +0000 Read more]]> Xerces MLBB APK is a transformative application designed for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang enthusiasts. It revolutionizes the gaming experience by introducing unique features like extensive hero customization, strategic gameplay enhancements, and an alternative to the traditional token system. This APK is tailored for Android users seeking to elevate their MLBB experience.

Xerces Mlbb APK For Android

One of the most remarkable features of Xerces MLBB APK is its unparalleled hero customization capability. This functionality revolutionizes the Mobile Legends experience by allowing players to personalize their characters extensively. From adjusting visual aesthetics to fine-tuning individual skills, this feature caters to a diverse range of playstyles and preferences, making every gaming session with Xerces MLBB unique and personal.

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NIX Tools APK Latest Version Download For Android Mon, 06 May 2024 22:02:39 +0000 Read more]]> NIX Tools APK

NIX Tools is a third-party tool that allows players to access exclusive skins and cosmetics for their in-game characters without purchasing them through official channels.

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GTA V Prologue MOD APK (NO ADS) Download Mon, 06 May 2024 21:42:01 +0000 Read more]]> In 2004, Michael Townley, Trevor Philips and Brad Snider rob a Bobcat Security cash storage facility in Ludendorff. After locking several hostages in a room, Trevor wires an explosive to the vault doors, and Michael detonates them via his phone. Michael and Trevor enter the vault and steal just under $180,000. As the crew makes their escape, Michael is held at gunpoint by a security guard, who also removes the mask from his head.

Mod Info?

– Remove ads


Michael advises the guard to forget what he saw and leave, but Trevor shoots him in the head. The trio blow opens another door and leave the building, but are already swarmed by the local law enforcement. A massive gunfight erupts, forcing the crew to fend off the oncoming police before making their escape. The crew reaches their getaway vehicle and are driven away, but they are pursued by more police vehicles, and their hired getaway driver is shot in the head.

Michael pushes his body out of the door and grabs the wheel, crashing one of their pursuer’s car into a roadside tree. The crew continues their journey towards the helicopter waiting for them, but are forced to divert their course after encountering a police roadblock. They then speed over the train tracks but aren’t quick enough and the rear end of the vehicle is hit by an oncoming train, causing them to lose control and spin out into a nearby tree. The trio survives, and Trevor suggests an alternative route to the getaway chopper, but Michael insists that they stick to the original plan.

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HD Camera Pro Edition APK (PAID) Free Download Mon, 06 May 2024 21:13:33 +0000 Read more]]> HD Camera Pro is an AD Free Edition for “HD Camera for Android”. You can free download “HD Camera for Android” and try the features before purchase.

HD Camera Pro Edition APK Download

HD Camera Pro is a best fully professional featured no-ads Camera app, with Quick Snap and HD videos, and offers Photo Sphere, and other creative panorama photo mode Photography app.
HD Camera Pro is a perfect camera & a great photo editor, high-resolution HD video, create beautiful animation effects, make a unique video, high-quality for Android phones.
HD Camera Pro is also one of the best photo camera app in lots of selfies apps and Beauty cams for you.
With the HD Camera Pro app, you can capture high-quality HD images right on your mobile device. It’s like a professional digital camara, it’s simple, lightweight and easy to use.
HD Camera Pro is an native android system camera app. HD Camera Pro utilized all advantage of your phone or tablet.Let you snaps quick and easy photos and videos!

Key features of HD Camera Pro / HD Video / Panorama / Photo editor / Beauty Camera / Filter:

⭐Professional HD Camera Pro: Support for camera video, hd camera
⭐HD Video: Panorama video, HD Video camera, Pause camera, Video camara
⭐HD Filter Camera: Sphere Filter
⭐Panorama:Shoot and produce Panorama, Quicksnap, Panoramic
⭐Professional HD Camera: HD Camera is camera +, Camera system to capture open camera size
⭐Beauty Video: Selfie camera performance/ Full HD Camera
⭐Professional HD Camera Pro: Night, Sunset, Party and so on
⭐White Balance: Auto, Incandescent, Fluorescent, Daylight, Cloudy
⭐Timer&Time-lapse: Setting Timer for auto shooting photos and recording videos
⭐Focus: Optical / digital zoom, tap to focus, focus halo display

HD Camera Pro Highlights

HD Camera – Best Cam with filters & panorama
DSLR Zoom Camera – HD Camera
Zoom Camera HD Camera +
HD Camera for Android
Super Camera Selfie Camera
HD Camera Pro : Best Camera HD Professional
HD Camera Pro & Selfie Camera
HD Camera – Video, Panorama, Filters, Beauty Cam
Built-in Photo Collage, Photo crop and photo editing

Download the HD camera selfie app, professional camera photo to your phone, get ready to capture the best moments of your life that you do not want to miss, and let us experience all the great features from the HDCamera Pro without any ads!

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Love and Girls MOD APK : Anime Game (Unlimited Money) Download Sun, 05 May 2024 20:49:23 +0000 Read more]]> Get ready to receive new bright emotions in our anime love stories with girls! Play interactive stories with colorful and pleasant graphics will never let you get bored. Many interesting stories and beautiful anime waifus are already waiting for you in the game Disturb – Anime Love Simulator. You can play anime stories in English!

Mod Info?

Currency Always Increase

Love and Girls MOD APK

• Love in anime stories with chat •
In stories you can make choices that will affect the course of events and your love with the girl, try to win anime girl. Turn on the girls dating master mode and play a completely new level of anime visual novels. Also in the story there is a chat with a girl, which is made very realistically and gives the full feeling of virtual chat. Your answers in the story will lead you to a romantic relationship.

New romance interactive stories

What does “new” mean? This means that you will go through different puzzles and play mini-games, such as 3D Archer game and even learn programming right inside the story! You don’t just read a bunch of boring text – we have every story filled with events that will always keep you interested, but our game will also appeal to those who love romantic stories and tender love.

Beautiful visual novel in anime style

The anime love simulator Disturb gives incredible joyful emotions when you go through the story, because the events of the visual story are supported by beautiful graphics made in anime style, which is ideal for an anime games. Chat with girl, animated characters, live locations and even animals! As the story progresses, you will meet completely different characters – from beautiful waifus to real animals and magical creatures. More than 150 locations throughout the game!

Your personal partner and entertainment

Now we have 5 anime girls in the game for you to choose from:

Emma is a sweet girl who works at an IT company and wants a promotion; her boss wants to date her.

Ulyssa is a young girl student, knows math very well and participates in competitions, start learning math and head to the Olympics with her.

Kelcey is a forest herbalist who has many secrets; understanding and find the secret of this charming girl will not be so easy, but I think you can handle it.

Miri is a hot girl whose favorite hobby is partying in a nightclub and listening to music, but she is not as stupid as she seems.

Helda is a trainer in the gym with a toned, beautiful body figure, she has two bully brothers who will not let her be offended.

With these anime virtual girls you can play stories and get sympathy that will lead you to an unforgettable love with waifu.
In addition to stories, you can relax in anime clicker mode with a girl, just click on the waifu and enjoy her beauty with beat music. And you can pump up the music using anime nightcore remix and slowed remix.

Do you like playing anime games and reading visual novels? Then download our Anime Love Simulator Disturb and immerse yourself in interactive love stories in English. Don’t wait and run to your anime waifu!

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UnderDark MOD APK (Damage & Defense Multiplier/Attack Speed) Sun, 05 May 2024 20:40:36 +0000 Read more]]> Defend the Flame from the dark! Level up, strategically place towers, and choose buffs to grow stronger. Keep the light alive!

Defend the Eternal Flame: Experience the thrill of defending the flame from hordes of dark forces that besiege it! Feel the exhilaration as you clear stages, with each victory more satisfying than the last.

UnderDark MOD APK Damage & Defense Multiplier

One-Handed Gameplay: Enjoy easy-to-master controls, designed for one-handed play. Perfect for strategic fun anytime, anywhere.

Customize Your Defense Strategy: Select buffs and strategically place towers to forge your path of resistance. As you level up and choose your growth buffs, your defense becomes an impenetrable fortress.

⚔️ Heroic Stand: Choose your guardians to stand against the night. Each hero brings unique abilities to the battlefield. Earn trophies, level up, and enhance your heroes to ensure the flame flickers on through the darkest nights!

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