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November 1, 2022
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Eternal Of Swordsman MOD APK Download: During the Daye years, when the emperor was in debauchery and tyranny, wars broke out at home and abroad. The people of the world are not living in peace.

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Mod Info?

1. High Attackspeed

Eternal Of Swordsman MOD APK Download

In an instant, grievances from all over the world rose sharply and spread to every corner of the land of Kyushu. The evil spirits and demons everywhere felt that this evil spirit became very violent, and they stepped into the world to bring disaster to one side.
Seeing that the human world is already plagued with plagues and has a tendency to destroy the world, Cangtian decides to awaken the immortal seed in the human world, and entrusts him with the mission of sweeping away the evil spirits in the world, so as to ensure the safety of all directions.

No VIP, no class leader, Buddhist research and development, free immortality
↓↓↓↓↓Open the secret of immortality↓↓↓↓↓

This is an idle role-playing game.
Players will play the role of a little Taoist priest who has just awakened to the immortal power, go down the mountain to eliminate demons, and strengthen their own strength, all the way to the Jiuzhongtian, and finally the journey of becoming a fairy.
In this game, you can experience first-hand how the protagonist of the story of immortality grows into a legend of immortals with boundless mana step by step.
They all say that immortals are good, how good? The truth is in the game, why don’t you come and play?

Featured gameplay

【Central idea】
Easy to place to practice, offline hang up to automatically obtain income
Move your fingers every day to easily break through the realm

【Various ways to play】
Dozens of maps with unique gameplay!
Adventure, decryption, upgrade, reasoning… The gameplay you never imagined unfolds!

【Magic play tricks】
The story of the rescue, each character has a different personality. Plus all kinds of stalks…
How much can you understand these jokes? What kind of magical plot will be derived?

【Various skills】
Here, there are a variety of classic martial arts familiar to martial arts fans to choose from.
Xiao Xiami, who has just entered the arena, can combine the strengths of many families, constantly sharpen his martial arts through battle and experience, and eventually become a generation of heroes who are famous in the arena.

【Ascension to the Clouds】
The beacon fire in the battlefield is connected to Hu Yue, and the seaside Yunshan embraces the city of thistle. The Song Dynasty was weak, and the barbarians in the four directions were ready to move. At this critical moment, what kind of choice will you make with your peerless martial arts?

【Jianghu Experience】
Read all the red dust to make you laugh, and don’t go away from yourself from now on. Tired of waiting endlessly in tedious hangups? Rich plot events, free opening and hanging, let you develop multiple lines, and your liver will be cool to you!

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