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[Healing survival] Beautiful fishing game!
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December 22, 2021
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Casting Away MOD APK Download: Healing survival Beautiful fishing game! Can you survive on a deserted island? Alone Try to Pre-register now! You will get a great reward when you pre-register.

Table of Contents

Mod Info?

Unconditionally use runestones to purchase materials in the trading station. You don’t need to see advertisements to get the effect of farm acceleration. You can get the treasure chests on the sea without seeing advertisements.
Note: The game needs to be connected to the Internet to play, otherwise there will be flashbacks, black screens and other phenomena

Install Steps:

Casting Away MOD APK

[Pre-registration reward]
– 5000 Rune
– 10 ★★ baits
– 10 ★ sinkers
– 10 minnows
– 10 crankbaits

Survival Fishing Game of a “Casting away”
island with beautiful scenery.

The Story of Casting Away

You are a successful movie star, on a private jet flying to a vacation destination. Suddenly, the jet was struck by lightning.
You crash-landed onto an uninhabited island that isn’t even on the map.
You wake up on a beach alone.
You find a bizarre altar, strange gems from dead fish, and feel a strange aura spread across the whole island…
Is this really an ordinary deserted island?
Start fishing to survive on a lonely, desolate island.


☞Customize your own island!
Construct buildings by collecting materials from the sea, and you’ll be able to do various things by yourself.

☞You can catch lots of types of fish from the sea!
Beautiful, mysterious fish to be caught. If you get lucky, you can find some floating chests!

☞More than just fish!
You can cook and eat food made from various ingredients you get from your animals.

☞You can go out to the sea on a boat!
You’ll find even more variety of fish.

☞Enjoy the beautiful sunsets and moonlight over the sea.
Offers a beautiful scenery where the sun rises and moon sets based on real-time.

☞The sound of waves to relax to
For those who are tired, the natural ASMR of waves will take you to the peaceful sea.

☞Raise various fish in your own fish tank!
You can open treasure chests by collecting Hearts from the fish.

☞The longer the fishing line, the deeper you can fish!
You’ll be able to catch bigger fish in the deep sea. However, you can only reach it if you can avoid small fry.

★Important Note★
1. Data will be reset when you replace your mobile phone device or delete this app.
2. This app contains free-to-play premium item transactions.
Please note that purchasing the premium items will result in actual payment.
3. Deleting the game or replacing the device will delete all data, which cannot be restored.

◎ Languages: English, French, German, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Indonesian, Malay, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese(Traditional & Simplified), Turkish, Hindi and Japanese


Version Size Requirements Date
0.0.44 85M 4.4 and up 04/07/2022
0.0.41 85M 4.4 and up 24/03/2022
0.0.40 85M 4.4 and up 22/03/2022
0.0.36 85M 4.4 and up 07/01/2022
0.0.33 85M 4.4 and up 19/12/2021
0.0.31 85M 4.4 and up 08/12/2021
0.0.30 85M 4.4 and up 28/11/2021

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