Indoor Games that are Exceptionally Popular in India

What is life without a dash of entertainment now and then? The hectic routine of daily life can make things monotonous, or it might cause you stress and anxiety. So you must break out of your routine and indulge in leisure activities to blow off steam. That’s where indoor games come to the rescue. These games are played in the comfort of one’s home and are a great way to bring the family close. 

Some of the most popular indoor games enjoyed in India are given below. 

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Everyone enjoys a good game of carrom with friends and family. It is a sport played in almost every household in the country. So the game is part of every Indian kid’s childhood memories and involves a happy time of everyone playing carrom. 

In India, it is also played at many professional levels, but the Olympics doesn’t recognize this tabletop game. 

The tabletop game is played to pocket all the carrom men and the queen with a striker. You can strike the queen and carrom men by flicking your fingers. 

Don’t lose heart if you don’t have a carrom board at home. You can download carrom game online and play them on your smartphone device. You can compete against your friends or online opponents. Some apps even allow you to participate in tournaments and contests to win cash rewards. 


Chess easily ranks among the top choices of indoor games in ancient India and today. But, unfortunately, most people refer to it as a war over a board. 

The board game stimulates the players’ minds, and Indians have always been known to be good at this game. Chess is for all age groups, and you can enjoy it at any place or time. The more you play, the better you get at mind coordination and focus. 

Chess is played on a chess board, and each player has sixteen pieces. The primary objective is to lead the opponent’s King into checkmate. 

If you aspire to be the next Vishwanathan Anand, bring home a chess board or download the chess app on your phone and start practising. 


UNO is an exciting indoor game enjoyed by kids and adults. More than four people can play this card game. Although there are rules, you can create rules for your game if all the players agree. 

Each player is given seven cards, and there are several wild cards that you can use to improve your chances of winning. Players must yell UNO! when they are down to the last card. If they forget, they may have to pay the penalty. 

The card game is available online, and you can enjoy it with your friends or online opponents. 


Jenga is a great party game to be played with your friends and family. Youngsters have recently popularized it. Four people play it at once. 

Players can use only one hand while removing the block, and the first three blocks cannot be touched. Therefore, you must be careful while removing the blocks or lose the game.

You can even play Jenga by yourself.  

Snakes and Ladders 

Snakes and Ladders have been around for decades and are played by two or more players. It is a board game with gridded and numbered squares. You’ll also find pictures of several snakes and ladders on the board. Each of them connects two specific board squares. 

The game’s goal is to navigate the game pieces according to the dice rolls from the start and take them to the finish line, AKA the top square. On your journey, you will be hindered by snakes and given a boost by ladders. 

It is a race-based game and very popular with children and adults. 


Ludo is another staple game in every Indian household. During summer or winter holidays, the entire family gathers under the roof to play a game of Ludo. Two to four players can play it at once, and moving the tokens across the board is exciting and reaching Home. 

The undying popularity of the game has made it an online sensation. Today, this typical indoor game is available as a mobile application. There are different Ludo apps on the Google Play Store and even App Store. Install them and tap play. You can play against the computer or compete against real-life opponents.  


Scrabble is a fun word game where two or more members compete to score points by placing alphabet tiles. There’s a game board divided into a 15*15 grid of squares. Players must make words that are available in the Dictionary. 

Scrabble is not only entertaining, but it can enhance your vocabulary. You can also play this online with your friends and family. 


Are you interested in a card-matching game? You cannot go wrong with Rummy. It is an exciting game that’s played all over the country. Players have to match cards of the same sequence or rank and the same suit. They need to meld thirteen cards to form relevant sequences. There are several variations of the game, and it can even be played online. 

The Bottom Line 

These are some excellent indoor games played in India, most of which are available online. So when you sit at home and wish to relax, these games will give you the entertainment you desire. Installing them on your phone will make them available to you on the go.

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